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Comparison Chart for Heirloom Tomato Varieties

Every spring I sell heirloom tomato plants at the St. Paul Farmer’s market and I’m always trying to organize the information in a way that is not so overwhelming for people.  Based on the questions I have received over the years, I’ve put together a chart that explains the distinguishing characteristics of the heirloom tomato varieties that I grow and sell.  Hopefully this can help you decide what varieties you want to try in your own tomato adventures.  Let me know if you have favorites that I don’t grow which you think are “must haves”.

Early Tomatoes & Red Main-Season Tomatoes



Disease Resistant Tomatoes & Sweet, Pink Tomatoes


Bi-Colored, Yellow & White Tomatoes


Black Tomatoes & Paste Tomatoes


Orange Tomatoes, Green Tomatoes & Cherry Tomatoes



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